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Project Description
Web service to accept images and meta data and produce a Pivot Collection

I have been a long standing fan of the Pivot control in Silverlight. I use it pretty consistently to view large numbers of plots from conferences, etc. Recently, I wanted to quickly make a collection of about 1000 images with some meta data from a private data run. The data was run on a Linux box and a windows box, and I would like an easy way to make a Pivot collection. A friend of mine had the same need. Over lunch we realized: we need a web service.

This is a very simple, private, not production quality, test for a web service running on IIS that you can push images to, along with the Pivot facet information. It will then render everything behind your back (and keep it up to date if you modify the collection), and service it out as you like.

This is my first use of a REST service, using webapi (which makes this really simple).

Status: Simple API to insert the images into the database, add facets, automatically generate the Piviot cxml, and some simple web pages to view them.

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